Add Value to Your Home with Custom Garage Doors

A custom garage door can actually elicit comments like, “Wow, your new door looks great.” “When did you put this in”” “Who installed it?”
Your home is a reflection of you and your personal tastes. A custom garage door can enhance your home’s individual style making it stand out from others. Today, you have more choices than ever. Let’s consider five custom garage door options.

1-Size Matters

Garage doors come in standard sizes. What if the opening is not standard? Unusual measurements or artistically arched openings can normally be accommodated, ordered and installed without problems.

2-Window Shopping

Placement, number, size and shape of windows can vary greatly depending on what you like. Numerous small panes, different shapes or even stained glass can be fitted into your door. Windows can complement your home’s design and add curb appeal. For example, a nautically themed beach house featured round portholes in the garage door. A home with decorative metal scrollwork on the entrance had garage door windows that duplicated the same pattern.

3-Don’t Knock on Wood

Custom wooden garage doors in plywood, Douglas Fir and elegant mahogany are sturdy and naturally insulated. These materials when stained often show attractive wood grains to an advantage. You can find colors that will match your house paint or trim or provide a pleasant contrast. Crafted wood carriage doors add an authentic touch to vintage homes or a charming barn door look to homes on acreage.

4-Heart of Steel

Solid overhead roll-up sectional steel doors have passed up the original tilt-up doors of yesteryear. Aluminum is less expensive and doesn’t rust but is not as strong as steel. You can purchase steel doors in a number of coordinating colors or paint them to exactly match your home’s color. However, many of the custom features on steel doors have to do with durability and aren’t seen from the outside of your home. You can choose powder coated hinges that don’t rust or higher cycle springs that don’t have to be replaced as often. For the energy conscious, garage door with a high R rating help to insulate your home and bring down your heating and cooling costs.

5-By Design

If you can imagine a unique custom garage door, a craftsman can probably build it. A perusal of custom garage door photos on the Internet will convince you that creativity extends to what can be done with garage doors. Even small external details like decorative locks and latches add flair.

Ask a realtor how much custom garage doors increase market price. You will find besides creating a finished designer look to your home, custom garage doors add value!