Should You Buy A Hybrid Car? 5 Myths And 5 Truths About Hybrids

Over the last several years, motorists have noticed a marked increase in gas prices. For commuters, this rise in price has strained budgets and left a lot of drivers ask if there is an alternative. One of the most recent innovations is the introduction of the hybrid automobile. Of course, with this rise in technology in response to rising fuel costs, there is a lot of wrong information about hybrid cars. This list outlines five of the most common hybrid myths along with information debunking those myths.

Myth – Hybrids are not Powerful

Cars Direct explains that the performance ability for hybrids is always increasing. As technology has improved, hybrids are able to hold their own against their gas powered counterparts. This article cites that the Lexus GS 450h sports a 300 horsepower engine that has beaten several gas powered vehicles in a 0-60 mph road test. These kind of advances will only get better as technology improves.

Myth – Hybrids are More Expensive

This is simply no longer true when looking at comparisons between the cost of hybrids versus regular gas powered vehicles. Auto Trader makes a point to note that if a driver’s price range is in the same area as popular sedans like the Chevrolet Malibu or Honda Civic then a hybrid vehicle is easily in sight. The Prius C starts at less than $20,000 as does the Insight. The same Auto Trader article adds that the larger hybrids (Ford Fusion Hybrid and Camry Hybrid) are available at the same cost of a conventional mid-level family sedan. Since there are now more previous years of hybrid vehicles, the certified pre-owned market is becoming full of more affordable options. And finally, a hybrid will save a lot of money in fuel costs. If fuel continues to rise in price, the savings increase.

Myth – Hybrids are Bland

In recent years, automakers have made it a point to create designs that appeals to consumers. Auto Trader gives plenty of examples of mainstream auto manufacturers bringing high end style to the hybrid market. Honda has made the the 2-seat hybrid CR-Z. Volkswagen has made a Jetta Hybrid. The luxury market has entires like the Lexus CT 200h and BMW ActiveHybrid 3. Even Porsche has a hybrid offering: the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid. Fact is: hybrid cars come in all shapes and sizes and offer an experience for all levels of drivers. There is nothing boring about hybrid cars anymore.

Myth – Hybrids are Unreliable

An Ask Men article dispelling hybrid myths says that from 2000-2012, 96% of Toyota Prius models sold are still on the road. This means that cars sold in the year 2000 are still on the road today. Hybrid technology has only gotten better in regards to performance and driver experience – this benefits durability as well.

Myth – All Hybrids Need Plugged In

This myth is easily squelched when looking at the technology behind how a hybrid works. Cars Direct and Ask Men explain that a hybrid uses electric and gas as power sources. In the event that the car runs out of electricity, gas fuel will take over. Hybrids are built to efficiently use both electric and gas fuel. Plugging the hybrid into a wall is not required.

There are many other myths about hybrids circulating. It’s important to conduct your own research make an informed decision when shopping for a hybrid vehicle. However, hybrids have already showcased their power, durability, style, and utility all while saving drivers cash when it comes to fuel. Don’t let the myths dissuade you – hybrids are here to stay.