What Are The Top Three Fuel Efficient Cars In America Today

As gas prices continue to rise, the average American is looking for a vehicle that performs well and is fuel efficient. More and more car manufacturers are unveiling hybrid models. It may be difficult to distinguish between then all. Our writers looked around the web at some of the top and up and coming car review sites, and based on what we found, here is a look at the top three fuel efficient cars in America today.

One of the best ways to save money at the pumps is going all electric. Mitsubishi’s latest addition to its lineup is the Miev. It is the most fuel efficient car in production. It is capable of getting 112 mpg equivalent. It comes with a range of 62 miles for every full charge and can fit up to four adults despite its small exterior appearance. Its price point is one of the most affordable at around $29,000 and will never need gas to run. This is an amazing feat and perfect for people who commute small distances back and forth to work each day.

Normal hybrid versions like the Toyota Prius have led the market in fuel efficient vehicles in the recent past. Today they are still popular because they offer a comfortable ride in a compact package. However the newest Toyota Prius version contains plug in technology as well. This model comes with a slightly higher price tag at approximately $33,000, but receives 87 mpg in electric mode. Even in regular hybrid mode, this vehicle is capable of receiving a great 49 mpg. This also males the new Prius one of the top three fuel efficient cars on the market.

Finally, Chevrolet rounds out the top three with its Volt. This car is the most expensive of these discussed vehicles at around $39,000 base, but much money will be saved at the pumps. This car is estimated to receive 94 mpg equivalent in its electric mode. The Volt incorporates a gas generator to produce more electricity as the car is on the road. This lengthens its range to 375 miles with a full tank. It offers the most interior space of a vehicle of this kind and is fun to drive with its cutting edge design.

Car manufacturers are trending away from gas guzzlers in favor of more fuel efficient models. Besides saving owners at the gas station, vehicles like the ones mentioned above also come with further incentives. For example, buying a Volt or Miev will allow a person to take advantage of a tax credit up to $7500. This brings the price to an even more affordable level, helps to preserve the environment, and ultimately puts cash back into wallets instead of the gas pumps.