Which American Car Companies Actually Builds Their Cars In America

As more and more companies are sending jobs overseas, it is becoming harder and harder to buy American products from America. The same can be said for many car companies. Here is a look at which American car companies actually build cars here in America.

General Motors has taken full advantage of America’s bailout and has become a leader in producing quality cars at home. There are many models of GM cars which top the list of reliable and stylish vehicles. For example, Cadillac, Buick, and Chevrolet lead the list of GM cars built in US factories.

Buick has tried to transition its image away from “old man” cars into a modern class. The LaCrosse has seen great success in this nature. It provides style, luxury, and decent engine power all with good fuel efficiency.

Cadillac CTS has had breakaway success with its contemporary style. It is packed with power, yet does not sacrifice luxury associated with the Cadillac brand. This USA made vehicle is quite competitive with European models and tops the list of quality made cars produced in this country.

On the affordable side of GM, The Chevy Cruze is another American made hit. It has seen great popularity with its new design that comes standard with many features only seen on high end vehicles. It was a runaway success its first year in production and continues to sell well.

Ford is another American car company which builds cars in America. It was one of the few companies which managed to stay above water in the down economy. The Ford Focus is one of the biggest sellers in the line. It was recently redesigned with a sportier edge. It is one of the most affordable cars created with a base price of $16,000 and receives good gas mileage as well. Younger car buyers are attracted to Ford’s stylish designs and multiple technology being utilized in the vehicle brand.

Finally, Chrysler is also an American car company that produces cars in this country. One of the best selling vehicles in the line is the Chrysler 300. It was newly updated with a different V6 engine and receives good gas mileage. The muscle car appearance attracts a younger audience as well as the multiple features available.

Despite the fact that many products are being imported from abroad, there are certain cars that are manufactured in this country. General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler are three of the most popular car brands that are proudly made in the USA. Even though many people buy foreign cars because of the good reputation, it is wise to consider the choices a buyer has for quality in this country as well.